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Bridging the gap by helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with bookkeeping and financial management in order to create the workforce of the future. We are here to serve you.
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Our bookkeeping firm assists small businesses with the setup of new bookkeeping operations and the monthly maintenance of their financial records.

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At no additional cost, our staff is available to answer any concerns about your business and provide valuable advice on a corporate structure to ensure growth.

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"My business made the right decision by hiring Retanaco Accounting! I used to spend ages compiling my own accounts and financial records, and they make it look like a walk in the park!"

Hire an Outsourcing Accountant Firm for your Financial Gain

Retanaco Accounting is one of the best Tampa Bay accounting firms. We work remotely in Tampa with small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs to offer our clients financial accounting, business coaching, and consulting. Our clients realize the need for bookkeeping and accounting, but they choose to focus on their art while outsourcing their company’s financial accounting needs to our accounting outsourcing firm. 

For small businesses, outsourced accounting offers complete accounting department experience. Accounting firms in Tampa, such as ours, handle daily transaction coding, payable accounts, receivable accounts, payroll, management financial reporting, and various other services. We organize our client’s business financial records to ensure they grow to be successful because their success is our success. We see ourselves as an essential member of our client’s “perfect team” as we provide them with the necessary financial information to make important financial business decisions that will help their small business flourish. 

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Leading the way in tampa bay accounting firms

Retanaco Accounting has experience in outsourced bookkeeping and financial services and offers a variety of monthly financial packages based on a company’s needs. They operate on an open book system where clients can examine rates on their website without needing to sign a contract.

It’s crucial to select an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting solution for your company that meets your specific demands. With Retanaco Accounting, you may pick and choose whatever aspects of your CFO, Controller, Accounting, and Bookkeeping tasks you wish to outsource. Our Tampa-based team, which includes a CFO, Controller, Staff Accountant, and Bookkeeper, offers exceptional client care and has the knowledge you need to manage your business. Contact us today for your free consultation.

With the help of our accounting outsourcing services, you'll be able to cut back on unnecessary overhead costs for your company's operations and concentrate on serving clients.
Small businesses and entrepreneurs can get bookkeeping services from our team of specialists. We effectively find solutions to our previous clients' bookkeeping concerns that help them save time, effort, and money.
In order to provide accurate and timely business records, we also assist in overseeing accounting processes and make sure that ledgers appropriately reflect money entering and leaving your business.
We help our clients determine if they should be collecting sales tax from their clients, how much the rate should be and which states they have reached economic nexus. We also assist with filing the sales tax returns with the appropriate taxing authority and act as a liaison between our clients and the state for any delinquent tax notices.
Outsourced Accounting
We prepare your financial statements and 1099 filings for year end tax returns.
By calculating total salary earnings, deducting deductions, collecting payroll taxes, and distributing payment, we aid in the financial aspects of employee compensation.
We are QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisors and we work extensively with Quickbooks services.
We also help with desktop to online migration if you want to transfer your QuickBooks Desktop data directly to QuickBooks Online without using intuit data services.
Client Satisfaction

Striving for Client Satisfaction

We differentiate ourselves from other accounting firms Tampa in performance and success by offering excellent client services. The traditional corporate accounting firm determines the value of the client based on the number of “billable hours” they are able to charge. At Retanaco Accounting, our clients are not just a number, they are truly part of our growing family business. 

Since we are goal-oriented, we have the expertise and experience in every area necessary to deliver on our promises. Our employees are always encouraged to set higher goals and complete tasks more accurately and precisely. The highest importance is placed on the happiness of our clients, which we try hard to accomplish in all facets of our business.

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Accounting and financial documentation of a company can be pretty tough to navigate without any information regarding the topic. At Retanaco Accounting, we not only help you with your financial records and bookkeeping, but we also aim to help our clients understand the basis of all their business transactions and educate them along the way!

Certainly not. All business decisions remain entirely in your hands, we just guide you in the decision making process.


Our bookkeeping firm will assign one bookkeeper or accountant to your account. This individual will handle all day-to-day operations and account maintenance, learn your specific processes and work on your account. An account Team Manager supports each bookkeeper/accountant and also serves as a backup and reviews your account monthly for any financial discrepancies.

Our fees are generally lower than having to pay for an in house accounting team, as our clients don’t have to worry about providing any payroll benefits or having to pay any payroll taxes. Our fees are determined by the volume and complexity of each client we take on. We have a discovery call before we start any work with our clients to set up a fee structure that works within their budget. And remember… our fees are a tax write off!

We have worked with and specialize in a variety of different accounting softwares, but generally suggest our clients use Quickbooks Online due to its ease of use for small businesses. We specialize in Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online, Foundation Construction Software and Oracle Netsuite.

No! We work with your existing CPA. Your CPA is typically someone you see once a year for tax filings. At Retanaco Accounting, we work with our clients on a daily basis, understand the needs of their business and liaison with the CPA to provide financials for our client’s tax return. Whether you need bookkeeping services, tax preparation, sales tax compliance services or more, you can count on our team of experts. Call today or fill out our contact form to request a complimentary consultation.

No one, not even your CPA, advisers, or certain workers, can access your data without your company’s specific authorization or your own permission. We can also impose limits so that use of some features is restricted to those to whom you have granted access to. 

Outsourced Accouting


A business owner will have precise financial information or data with a trustworthy partner, such as a bookkeeper, to make important business decisions that aid in the company’s scalability. The company’s financial strength will also be objectively assessed by an outsourced bookkeeper, who will decide whether a corporation has to change course to survive.

increased productivity

By outsourcing your accounting, you and your staff will be able to focus on growing the business while your outsourced accounting team handles all of the finances on the backend. Never get stuck again shoving receipts and invoices in a shoebox. Increase your productivity by letting our team of professionals handle your accounting and scale your business to new heights.

Lower out of pocket costs

Outsourcing your accounting activities allows you to save money on labor. You won’t need to employ full-time accountants since you can hire an accounting firm as required. In addition, some businesses use their own tools and software to deliver services. Your business expenditures will be reduced because you won’t need to buy any extra computers or tools as you would for new internal staff.

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Guidance By Experts

automation technologies

Outsourced accounting automation can save small businesses a lot of time. In addition to saving time, it also lowers risks and efforts since technology automation reduces the margin for human errors. Furthermore, real-time reports are sent to the necessary people when required through automation technology and aid in identifying possible issues and fixing them quickly. 

better guidance by experts

Our qualified accountants will constantly offer suggestions for improving accounting efficiency. Sometimes they will deal with a number of organizations and recommend suggestions based on scenarios from another client. They can assist you in every manner, whether it be with taxes, accounting software, giving financial advice, creating budgets, managing your cash flow, or submitting your business taxes.

make tax season a breeze

At Retanaco Accounting, we make Tax Season a breeze for our clients. We prepare all necessary documentation needed by your CPA to file your tax return accurately and in a timely manner to avoid any late feeds or penalties. We work directly with your CPA so you don’t have to!

Professional And Accurate Reporting For Your Growing Business

As your company expands, you’ll focus more on handling finances instead of expanding the business. As a result, outsourcing administrative activities such as accounting and bookkeeping allows you to concentrate your efforts, energy, and resources on implementing corporate objectives. It will increase income while also allowing you to network and establish relationships with your consumers.

Accounting outsourcing is the ideal option to boost your company’s growth. You will not only save money on labor, but you will also have access to advanced solutions that a company accounting team may not be capable of providing. By choosing Retanaco Accounting, you can be guaranteed that your business finances are in the hands of dependable experts. Call today or request a call from our team.