Outsourced Financial Controller in Tampa, FL

A profitable business is one that can be secure and faultless as they develop and progress in the industry. One of the centers of management duties is the financial business controller, which looks for faults in the business functions and processes carried out. If there are various financial accountants or financial controllers to keep an eye on daily activities, it is simple to achieve the company’s specified goals and intended results. Here, the term “financial controller functions” encompasses setting the standards of those specified goals, gauging productivity, and carrying out plans in order to achieve those goals. 

Our outsourced financial controller method serves many small businesses and entrepreneurs, ensuring their path to growth remains faultless. At Retanaco Accounting, we have a history of setting standards that produce positive results. Therefore, we advocate implementing the proper standards with our efficient outsourced financial services. 

When your business expands, so will the scalability and difficulty of managing transactions. Most businesses normally require a financial controller at around this stage. While bookkeepers often execute operations on a regular basis, financial controllers are typically added to expanding, more complicated businesses to supervise the professional accountants as well as bookkeepers and give financial advice and other key performance measures of how the organization is doing and what it could improve upon. This simple yet crucial task would cost time and money if conducted in-house. 

As a result, financial outsourcing Tampa enables a business to pick and choose the activities a controller has to conduct or offer. There are instances when the organization requires an internal expert who is well-versed in its financial standings. However, in order to support your in-house workforce, you must select a versatile outsourced provider. Outsourced financial controller services allow for improved accounting knowledge in task costing, month-end accrued expenses, financial reporting, and more. 

The majority of businesses in the professional world operate in computerized settings that support or permit workplace flexibility. As a result, the need for outsourced financial services is increasing. A financial controller also offers the same benefits and services as an internal controller. They would complete the same duties and reports as they would if they were working internally, and they would have access to the company’s information and databases.   

However, by outsourcing financial account services, firms may save on things like paychecks, healthcare costs, and other expenses related to paying a full-time worker. In a small firm, the necessity for a financial controller may come and go. By outsourcing financial controller services in Tampa, the company could increase the controller’s workload during peak seasons and decrease it during slow ones. 

Additionally, it is normal for employees to find employment at different places often and leave within the first three years, disrupting a business’ workflow. Hiring an external company like Retanaco Accounting to perform your financial controller function can shield your business from employee loss, the interruption that comes with searching for a new controller, and the associated costs. 

This arrangement enables the financial controller to service numerous organizations across the country, providing them with a better understanding of widely differing systems and procedures. You may be able to obtain a high level of competence by outsourcing your controller function. Hiring a financial accountant to perform your financial account services is better than in-house control functions because: 

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What Is the Difference Between a Financial Controller and a Financial Officer?

The chief financial officer (CFO) and controller collaborate closely in a corporation. Their responsibilities do, however, vary greatly. We’ll examine the duties and obligations of both CFOs and controllers in this post to help you decide which financial management roles your business requires to guarantee that you gain from both a smoothly-run back office and financially secure strategic planning. 


What Distinguishes a Controller from a Financial Officer? 

The fundamental distinctions between a controller and a CFO are found in the unique duties and tasks of each job and how each fits into the management structure of an organization’s workforce. The organizational hierarchy of a corporation places a CFO and a controller at differing stages. In addition to the President, COO, and any other executives on staff, the CFO is an executive. In contrast, a controller is a department leader in an organizational hierarchy. 


A financial controller is normally in charge of supervising the finances and accounting division, while the finance officer is responsible for supervising the overall financial position of a company. In addition to operating at various managerial levels, each designation’s related purposes, spheres of influence, and objectives vary greatly. The CFO’s job is essentially future-focused. The CFO uses their expertise in finance to consult stakeholders, encourage growth, and foresee the company’s future financial standings. 


The CFO uses their expertise in finance to consult stakeholders, encourage growth, and foresee the company’s future financial standings. They should be able to recognize financial hazards and put strategies in place to protect the business from them. The CFO’s leadership assists the CEO in making choices based on financial facts by leveraging their observations and financial understandings to comprehend the significance or significance behind the business’s statistics. 


Since the controller is in charge of developing, maintaining, and supervising the functional rules and processes that gather, record, and report financial data, their job is more active and consistent. A controller is essential to a CFO’s ability to function. 


Can a Business Have Both Financial Officer And a Controller? 

Yes! The most established companies have a CFO, and a controller on board, and most bigger companies do have both. The issue is that many small enterprises simply do not have the financial means to pay the high cost of employing skilled candidates for these high roles. However, failing to oversee a corporation’s economic functions or financial plan, let alone both, can lead to significant cash flow issues, such as money being wasted, poor management, inaccurate data, an absence of a clear business path, and a host of other issues that can cause the business to face unneeded challenges. 


Employ Services From an Outsourced Controller to Optimize your Business 

Outsourcing your business’s controller requirements is ideal for small companies just starting out and want an efficiently functional management office but cannot afford to staff high-level positions internally. With an outsourced controller from Retanaco Accounting, you can get help from the most experienced financial experts at any time without paying the price you normally would for a full-time employee.

Financial Controller FAQs

Entrusting an external company to handle your financial records and data may seem a bit sketchy, provided that financial controllers have plenty of confidential knowledge pertaining to your business. That is why we at Retanaco Accounting have taken it upon ourselves to answer some of your frequently asked questions regarding the subject. 

What falls under financial control?

A financial controller’s responsibilities concentrate on ensuring a company is run successfully and profitably. The tasks of a financial controller include overseeing internal costs and managing finances. The financial controller’s duties also extend to monitoring payments operations, accurate tax calculation and payment, insurance advice, and company expenditures. Contact our team today to learn more about how our outsourced financial controller service can help.

Do you provide financial controller services?

All of our clients receive the advantages of our experience through the fully managed financial outsourcing services we provide. We recognize that all of our clients must not only comprehend their financial records but also draw conclusions from them and use those findings to expand their companies effectively. Our staff continually collaborates with clients to give them fast, suitable, and insightful financial advice based on their company requirements. 

Is it possible for me to outsource a financial controller even though we are a small company?

Definitely! We also work with small businesses since we are aware that they require the greatest support as they are just starting out. Every business has different demands, and smaller companies may need to grow more rapidly than other types of organizations. The correct financial controller services can help this growth get off to a strong start. Our service is reasonably priced and created to aid in your development. For additional information on how we can help, contact us today. 

What is the price of outsourced controller services?

The cost of hiring an external corporate financial controller depends on a few variables. First, companies have varying charges depending on the kind of business and their financial situation. The degree of complexity of the accounting duties undertaken also affects the ultimate cost. For instance, a business may assign a bookkeeper, accountant, financial supervisor, and controller to handle your account as one entire accounting team. 

At what point do Businesses require a Controller?

When a small business expands, the owner could begin to devote too much time to maintaining the financial records instead of running the company. Occasionally, a bookkeeper or accountant is available to staff, but that individual can no longer sustain all the financial information and requirements of the company. So hiring a controller as your company expands is the right move. 

What is the distinction between a financial controller and a financial manager?

Finance managers and controllers generally are accountable for their businesse’s financial well-being. Although the two positions seem identical, finance managers often oversee business earnings, whereas controllers concentrate on the general ledger, accounts, and reports. 

Hire a Financial Business Controller at Retanaco Accounting for All your Outsourcing Needs

Retanaco Accounting outsourced financial controller services are designed to fulfill our client’s requirements and the difficulties their companies face. Our controllers discuss these issues in-depth with each company owner in order to comprehend them and find solutions for every issue. Our team includes financial experts, controllers, and financial accountants with strong backgrounds in controller operations and financial planning.  We have years of experience assisting clients in the construction industry and across multiple other industries to achieve positive corporate performance, giving us an unparalleled level of competence in financial controller services Tampa. If you want to increase consumer interaction, reduce expenses, increase operating efficiency, or repurpose your company, our team is prepared to assist you in reaching your objectives. Call today or request a call from our team for your consultation.