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industry-tailored accounting solutions for your company


From streamlining your financial operations to saving your time and resources to ensuring compliance with tax regulations and laws, Retanaco Accounting can help you make better financial decisions. We have a team of qualified accounting experts with access to advanced tools and technology to help your construction company track its expenses and revenue, minimize the risk of legal issues, and ensure clear financial reporting for each construction project through expert financial management, bookkeeping, and so much more.

real estate

Retanaco Accounting makes bookkeeping, payroll management, financial analysis and financial reporting easier, more structured and organized for real estate companies. We can help you manage your financial transactions more effectively through accurate bookkeeping, meet unique tax requirements, assist you with the financial technicalities of each real estate transaction, and more. You can trust our competent team to stay on top of your financial situation so that you can maximize your profits, minimize risks, and meet your financial goals.

Retail / Franchises

Cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting, and sales and tax compliance made easier for retail and franchise companies with Retanaco Accounting! We help companies prepare accurate financial statements, manage employee and payroll benefits, ensure compliance with complex sales and tax regulations, and oversee financial processes so you can stay atop of potential financial risks and issues. Let us handle your financial affairs through our detail-oriented approach and due diligence, and give yourself peace of mind.


Say goodbye to financial mess and the resulting stress with the help of Retanaco Accounting; your one-stop for all your financial and accounting needs. Our firm offers the most advanced and efficient accounting solutions to SaaS companies. We help you draft accurate financial records, track your revenue, offer instant finance insights, ensure GAAP-compliant financial management, maintain compliance, and revenue recognition. With the expertise of our highly-competent team, you can pave the way to the growth of your company without any financial missteps.

Non profits

Retanaco Accounting is here to assist all non-profit companies and organizations with budget management, compliance requirements, financial statements and records, cash flow management, and proper resource allocation, among many other things. Non-profit companies are often subject to rigorous regulations given their unique revenue sources. Moreover, funders and donors also require proof of transparency and comprehensive financial reports in terms of how their contributions are being utilized. We can help you with all that and more!

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Personalized Accounting Solutions

At Retanaco Accounting, we take great pride in our vast expertise and experience in accounting, finance, and project management. Our goal is to help our clients thrive with their accounting needs and monthly maintenance of financial records and data. We have a team of brilliant accountants and financial experts who offer personalized, industry-specific accounting and financial solutions through our diverse range of services that include bookkeeping, payroll management, tax preparation, sales compliance, quickbooks services, outsourced accounting, and financial controller services. Retanaco Accounting aspires to help industries pave the way to growth and success by employing the newest technology and modern solutions.

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