Sales Tax Compliance in Tampa, FL

When our clients ask Retanaco Accounting for help with their sales tax compliance, they are either just beginning to think about their responsibilities or are extremely early on in the process. Retanaco Accounting can start up where you left off and aid you in carrying on if your business is further advanced in contemplating its sales tax compliance needs. For construction companies, contractors, and small business owners, sales tax compliance can be characterized as the capacity and inclination of taxpayers to conform to the tax regulations, disclose their business’ proper earnings on an annual basis, and pay the required quantity of taxes as scheduled each year. 

Unless you have a sales tax specialist on your side, maintaining tax compliance takes time and tends to stress you out. Retanaco Accounting assists clients in amassing complete sales and use tax compliance reports by providing a thorough monthly examination of transactions in order to effectively and promptly file monthly, bimonthly, semi-annual, and yearly tax records. With years of expertise, we evaluate monthly files and make corrections, allowing us to concentrate on the weak points. Although we have excellent sales tax technology, our professionals personally analyze each transaction to assure compliance. 

We keep an eye on your activity to ensure you continue paying all applicable sales and use taxes. To find transactions that qualify for exemptions or are subject to use tax, we also examine vendor invoices for potential obligations and extra sales tax payments. 

In order to assist your construction company or small business in becoming and staying in compliance with its continuing sales tax, reporting, and filing duties, Retanaco Accounting has designed a strategy for aligning your company’s tax and accounting systems with the most recent sales and use tax regulations. First, we assess an entity’s sales revenues and activity counts to assist in determining where they have jurisdiction. Additionally, any jurisdictions in which the corporation may have a physical presence have to be assessed according to the preceding criterion of substantial nexus. 

After identifying the exact nexus, we compare the selection of products and services the firm offers to the relevant legislation, regulations, and other laws to determine if tax has to be collected. Depending on the nexus analysis findings, we determine whether the client reveals and resolves past sales tax liabilities or if the business must register, acquire, and pay sales tax in areas where it is not presently registered. After the initial registration, the rest is handled by us!

Our team will provide you with the necessary sales and use tax license or registration number in addition to online access to the relevant jurisdiction’s filing and payment portal. Your business will be qualified for continuous outsourced sales tax compliance filing service after you’ve registered for sales and use tax in the states where it has nexus. 

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Filing for Outsourced Sales Tax Compliance

Reviewing and confirming the information needed to fill out sales tax compliance forms is where we prosper. Our sales tax advisors detail-oriented approach and years of expertise allowed us to create a thorough program for outsourcing sales tax compliance. Retanaco Accounting sales tax advisors and compliance specialists act as a cost-effective expansion of your company, saving you time-consuming work and enabling your internal team to concentrate on their areas of expertise and higher leverage projects. Making a sales tax compliance filing error is terrifying to consider. We give companies peace of mind by ensuring that professionals with years of relevant expertise handle their tax returns. Give us a call today or request a call from our team.